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A Culture of Achievement

Brooke Newsletter

Building a Culture of Achievement We are proud of our accomplishments at Brooke, and we constantly seek to improve our teaching because we know our best is yet to come. This school year, we are focused on building a culture that encourages all students to proudly identify as high achievers.

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The Power of Experiential Learning

Brooke Newsletter

The Mentor Who Taught Me

Ms. Jill Bernstein Sixth Grade Math and Science Teacher

STEM Education at Brooke Charter Schools

Brooke Newsletter

A Culture of Achievement

Brooke Newsletter

FY18 Annual Report: Architecture of a Great Public School

Brooke Charter Schools

More girls, African-Americans enroll in AP computer science. Why that matters.

Elena Weissman

A Proven Model of Success

Melvin B. Miller

The Future of Work

Brooke Newsletter

‘A space that is worthy of them’

Morgan Hughes

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