Brooke Community Relief Fund Recap

Brooke Newsletter

In this time of Crisis

Thank You for Your Generosity

As Boston shut down last spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we quickly realized our scholars’ families, many of whom are low-income and Black or Latinx, faced the brunt of both the health risks and the economic downturn. Caught in the crosshairs of this double crisis, we created the Brooke Community Relief Fund to provide them with direct support.

Our community responded to this immense need with great urgency. We executed our first round of the fund in early spring for families experiencing what we hoped would be short-term reduction of hours, joblessness and/or illness due to COVID-19. As the crisis escalated, we were motivated to make another push in time for the holidays to alleviate families’ continued struggles. We were simply blown away by your support.

In total, 534 donors enabled us to send 753 grants to families, totaling $376,500. With this outpouring of support, we were able to give families $500 grants, with a few receiving $1,000 in the terrible circumstance when children lost a guardian to COVID.

Gratitude and urgency are two of our core values, and we feel deeply grateful to see both of those values lived out in our collective response to the Brooke Community Relief Fund.

Messages of Gratitude from Brooke Families

“We received your help and you do not know how relieved we are to know that we can bring food for our family and in addition to that with your support we will be able to give our children a Christmas gift. We are unemployed and without your contribution all this would not be possible, thank you very much.”

“I might have to put my phone in rice later because of the tears falling on my phone lol! I appreciate you guys so much you have no idea! This year has been super tough on my family God bless you!”

“With COVID-19 we lost our jobs, we are undocumented people in this country, so we do not qualify for any help; you were a great financial and psychological relief for us.”

“We are a family of 6 and your generous donation helped with 2 weeks worth of groceries which was amazing and so helpful during these unprecedented times. I wish you and your family lots of blessings in return and good health. Thank you so much.”