Our Story

Brooke Charter Schools is a network of high-performing charter public schools in Boston.

Our founders have understood and upheld teacher quality — not socioeconomic status or race — as the #1 predictor of student achievement.

Named after the late Senator Edward W. Brooke, the first African American popularly elected to the U.S. Senate, our mission is to provide an academically rigorous public education to students from Boston and Chelsea that will ensure that they are prepared to enter into and succeed in college.

What Is a Charter Public School?

Review the Massachusetts Charter Public School Association fact sheet to learn more.


Brooke opened its doors in 2002 to 88 5th grade scholars

We Now Serve 1,900 Students

  1. 2002

    Brooke Roslindale Opens

    Jon Clark (Brooke Co-Director) and Brett Peiser (CEO of Uncommon Schools) open Brooke Roslindale with a founding class of 5th graders.

  2. 2010

    Brooke Charter Expands

    Following a legislative lift to the charter cap, Brooke expands from its flagship K-8 campus in Roslindale to open two additional K-8 campuses.

  3. 2011

    Brooke Mattapan Opens

    Brooke opens its second campus in Mattapan, with a plan to enroll 500 students in grades K-8.

  4. 2012

    Brooke East Boston Opens

    Brooke opens its third campus in East Boston to kindergarten, first and fifth grade classes, with a plan to grow to 500 students in grades K-8.

  5. 2016

    Brooke High School Opens

    The Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education announces approval of Brooke’s expansion request to incorporate a high school, fulfilling our long-term goal of serving grades K-12. Within months, Brooke High School opens with a founding class of 9th graders.

  6. 2018

    New Facility Opens for High School and Eighth Grade

    In August 2017, Brooke High School moved to its permanent space neighboring the Brooke Mattapan K-7 school on American Legion Highway and we launched our new Brooke Eighth Grade Academy, co-located within our high school facility, serving all Brooke 8th graders.

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Our Campuses

We relentlessly focus on great teaching

Brooke Charter Schools’ vision is to harness great teaching to close the achievement gap. We also incorporate best practices that other rigorous charter schools have demonstrated to be effective:

  • Longer school day and year (more instruction time)
  • Ensuring a safe and orderly learning environment
  • Establishing a positive, achievement-focused school culture
  • Implementing strong organizational supports and resources for teachers

Rather than approaching education through various programs and interventions, we focus on meeting our goals through developing and supporting great teachers.

We Are Guided by Our Organizational Values

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