Our compensation system is designed to reward excellence and encourage a commitment to teaching long-term. Over time, successful Brooke teachers earn significantly more than they could in neighboring districts.

In our quest to provide a great education that is worthy of our kids, we are clear that great teaching matters most and that great teaching is not easily or quickly mastered. Our approach to teacher compensation reflects those values by making us as competitive as we can be for strong teaching candidates AND by rewarding great teachers who stick with it (and stick with us) over time.

Jon Clark Co-Director, Brooke Charter Schools

Brooke values teachers who stay in the classroom, and

We Demonstrate Our Values by Compensating Teachers Well

Veteran Teachers

Raises of at least 5% annually

Teachers within their first three years at Brooke Charter Schools typically receive cost-of-living raises. Those entering into their fourth year move into “veteran” status, which guarantees a raise of at least 5% each year.

Veteran Plus Teachers

Raises of up to 13% annually

Teachers entering their fourth year, who are phenomenal team players and lead students to achieve particularly strong results (these benchmarks are further defined in staff handbooks), may be promoted to a “veteran plus track,” earning raises that range from 6% to 13% each year.

Master Teacher Status

Salaries as high as $120,000 annually

A handful of our very best teachers, who have attained exceptional student results and peer leadership over the course of three years, are granted “master teacher” status. These individuals qualify for minimum raises of 10% annually for each year they meet the specific criteria. These maximum raises continue annually until the master teacher’s salary is at or above $120,000.

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