Why Brooke

Our work at Brooke Charter Schools is anchored in the belief that teacher quality — not socioeconomic status or race — is the number one predictor of student achievement.

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Teaching at Brooke Charter Schools Is Different

Brooke’s professional development is multifaceted and continuous

Our principals are instructional leaders who support teachers with weekly observations and feedback, video analysis, and formal professional development sessions.

Professional Development

Brooke teachers collaborate to create lessons that push students to do the thinking

When asked what support they value the most, Brooke teachers consistently highlight collaborating with their peers every week to review data, interpret learning standards, and plan lessons.

Effective Instruction

Brooke teachers successfully generate great results for our scholars

Every year, Brooke students outperform their peers in Boston and in many more privileged suburban districts; our success and positive culture feed into high levels of student and teacher retention year over year.

Student Achievement

Brooke's compensation system values all teachers and pays a premium to those who stay in the classroom long-term

Our thoughtful and transparent compensation system is designed to reward excellence and encourage a commitment to teaching long-term. Over time, successful Brooke teachers significantly eclipse their earning potential in neighboring districts.


How we teach is informed by our

Organizational Values

Our organizational values statement includes more details on how our values drive our success.

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Having been a teacher before I came to work at Brooke, I know that every minute in a teacher's day matters and that it can be challenging when things other than instruction require your attention. As Director of Operations, I do everything I can to ensure that our teachers have a school environment that allows them to focus all of their time and energy on teaching.

Elena Thurman Director of Operations, Brooke Roslindale

Our approach to fostering great teaching is built on a foundation of research-based best practices in education.

Every Brooke campus:

  1. Provides more time on instruction (through a longer school day and school year, Brooke students have 35% more learning time than students in Boston Public Schools)
  2. Ensures a safe and orderly learning environment
  3. Celebrates a positive, achievement-focused school culture
  4. Implements strong organizational supports and resources for teachers

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