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Our Associate Teacher Program prepares aspiring teachers for successful careers in just one year.

Because we know great teachers are made, not born, we created the Brooke Associate Teacher Corps: a yearlong, school-based teacher preparation program that empowers corps members to become successful lead teachers.

Whether they come to us with a master’s degree in education or no previous teaching experience, Associate Teachers receive frequent feedback and coaching as they learn how to lead a classroom in which every student is challenged and known.

If you want to learn more, please contact our Associate Teacher Program Manager, Sadie Shea, via email ( or schedule an informational call.

Brooke is seeking a diverse group of aspiring teachers with a desire to uproot racism through academics and equip students with tools to advocate for a diverse, equitable, and inclusive future. Qualifications include:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Excellent collaboration, communication, and organization skills
  • Commitment to teaching and ensuring academic success for all students


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Over the last few years, we’ve been focused on how we can recruit, support, and maintain teachers of color, and one way we are committing to that is through the Associate Teacher Program.

Elza Mathieu Principal, Brooke East Boston, Associate Teacher 2008-2009

Is the Associate Teacher Program right for you?

Our Program Components Prepare Great Teachers

Professional Development

Associates begin the year with a full month of professional development. Throughout the year, Associates attend weekly seminars focused on the fundamentals of classroom management and instruction.

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Individualized Mentoring

Associates are placed in a classroom with a highly effective mentor teacher. Mentors provide consistent observations, coaching, and monthly evaluations. All feedback links to a rubric that outlines essential skills and a timeline for mastery.

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Gradual Release

Once school starts, Associates observe lead teachers, slowly taking on increasing amounts of classroom management through leading portions of instruction. By the spring, adequately progressing Associates teach in classrooms for full days and weeks.

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Competitive Compensation

Associates receive a full salary and benefits and can apply for a $13,585 scholarship to be added to their base salary. This scholarship is available for candidates who have faced adversity and are most in need of additional financial support.

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These Are Our

Steps to Apply

  1. 1

    Application and Resume

    Positions are filled on a rolling basis, with applicants given priority as soon as they submit their application and resume. Read our tips for applying page to strengthen your application.

  2. 2

    Scholarship Application

    Applicants should complete this scholarship application to be considered for the $13,585 stipend in addition to their base salary. This scholarship is awarded to candidates who meet the criteria.

  3. 3

    Phone Interview

    Strong candidates will be invited to a phone screen with our Associate Teacher Program Manager.

  4. 4

    In-Person Interview

    Select candidates will interview in person, lead a demonstration lesson with students, and observe and meet Brooke teachers at one of our schools.

  5. 5

    Reference Check

    Finalists for the Associate Teacher Program will be asked to provide professional references.

We want talent partner alumni to apply! Highlight your participation in these programs in your application.

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Start your teaching career! We are now accepting job applications for the 2021-2022 school year for our Associate Teacher Corps.