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Our Associate Teacher Program prepares aspiring teachers for successful careers in just one year.

The Associate Teacher Program is a year-long teacher residency that aims to diversify the teacher workforce. Through the program, aspiring teachers gain the skills necessary to lead high-achieving, culturally responsive classrooms and equip their students with tools to advocate for a diverse, equitable, and inclusive future.

If you want to learn more, please contact Dareon Stacker, Director of the Associate Teacher Program, via email ( or schedule an informational call.

Over the last few years, we’ve been focused on how we can recruit, support, and maintain teachers of color, and one way we are committing to that is through the Associate Teacher Program.

Elza Mathieu Associate Teacher in 2008 and now Principal at Brooke East Boston

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Our Program Components Prepare Great Teachers

Professional Development

Associates begin the year with a full month of professional development. Throughout the year, Associates attend weekly seminars on the fundamentals of culturally responsive classroom leadership as well as training on content specific to their grade band.

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Individualized Coaching

Associates are connected to highly effective teacher coaches, called program leads, who provide consistent observations, mentoring, and monthly evaluations. Their feedback is individualized to each associate, but also to key program skill milestones.

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Classroom Experience

Associate Teachers gain teaching experience through teaching a variety of components and leading classrooms when teachers are absent. As Associates develop their classroom leadership, they take on more responsibility in classrooms across their schools.

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Competitive Compensation

Associate Teachers receive a full salary of $55,000 and full benefits. Some successful Associates move into lead teaching positions or long-term coverage roles before the end of their Associate year, which comes with a salary increase to at least $72,000.

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Brooke is seeking a diverse group of aspiring teachers with a desire to uproot racism through academics and equip students with tools to advocate for an equitable and inclusive future. We strive to have our Associate Teachers move into lead positions after their first year. We are currently hiring across multiple grade bands for our K-12 schools.

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Our Associates' Stories

30% of our current staff started their careers as Associates. Hearing from them offers rich perspectives on the program:

An Associate's Day In the Life

These Are Our

Steps to Apply

  1. 1

    Application and Resume

    Positions are filled on a rolling basis, with applicants given priority as soon as they submit their application and resume. Read our tips for applying page to strengthen your application.

  2. 2

    Phone Interview

    Select candidates will be invited to a phone screen with our Associate Teacher Program Director.

  3. 3

    Virtual Teacher Panel Interview

    When possible, advancing candidates will participate in a virtual interview with a panel of former Associate Teachers and current lead teachers at Brooke.

  4. 4

    In-Person Interview

    Select candidates will interview in person, lead a demonstration lesson with students, and observe and meet Brooke teachers at one of our schools.

  5. 5

    Reference Check

    Finalists for the Associate Teacher Program will be asked to provide professional references.

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We have launched our hiring for the 2024-2025 school year!