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Strengthening Our Cultures of Achievement Through

Meaningful Relationships with Brooke Families

Ensuring every Brooke scholar is challenged and known includes a meaningful relationship between school teams and families. At the beginning of every school year, families meet their scholar’s teacher or adviser, forging a partnership focused on scholars achieving their goals. Additionally, each Brooke campus has its own Parent Involvement Council (PIC) that creates an additional avenue of communication between families and the school. It offers families a platform to provide much needed support to school events and efforts. Visit your school page to sign up for weekly school announcements and join your campus’s PIC.

I could not be happier to be a part of such a great community. I love the administrative team, the teachers, the parents, all of the staff, but most importantly all of my Brooke babies. It has made dropping off my daughter a joy, because she loves going to school and we love everyone there.

Lisandra Cartagena Brooke Mattapan Parent

Families and teachers commit to their roles as partners in getting scholars to and through college and building a culture of achievement.

Contract of Mutual Responsibilities


Families agree to monitor their child’s homework and grades carefully, to communicate regularly with the school and teachers, to attend required conferences with their child’s teachers, and to support the school as it enforces its code of conduct.


Scholars agree to model the school’s core values and become a contributing member in our culture of achievement.


Brooke Charter Schools agrees to create a safe and orderly learning environment, communicate regularly with parents (through weekly progress reports, report cards, conferences, and supplemental email and telephone communication), to focus relentlessly on scholar achievement, and to hold ourselves accountable for excellent results.

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Brooke Charter Schools has a record of achieving exceptional results for all of our students.

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We love to share stories about the inspiring learning, events, and people in the Brooke community.

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Stay up to date with information from the Brooke nursing team about how to keep your scholar healthy and in the classroom all year!

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If you would like to put your child on the path to college, learn more about how you can enroll in a Brooke Charter School.

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