Application Tips

Want to make your application stand out?

Tips for Applying to Brooke

Study Our School

Research Brooke Charter Schools and learn about our theory of change and why teaching at Brooke is different. You can find everything you need to know at You may also want to review Brooke’s instructional resources in your grade level or area of expertise to get a view of our teachers in action.

Instructional Resources

Ready Your Resume

Your resume should convey your breadth of experiences that have prepared you for the job you are seeking, as it relates to previous work experience, educational background and any other leadership opportunities you’ve had. At Brooke, we prefer more traditional chronological resume formats, but won’t turn away applicants who submit alternative resume styles.

Resume Tips

Properly Proofread

Carefully reviewing your application and resume before submitting your job application will help ensure that one small mistake doesn’t cost you your candidacy. If possible, we suggest having an additional person review your materials before you apply.

Proofreading Tips

Leverage LinkedIn

We strongly recommend that you utilize LinkedIn to research and connect with any current or former Brooke staff in your network. Networking to learn more about Brooke can give you a view into our school culture and values.

Network With Us

Impress in the Interview

Be on time! Also, candidates interviewing by phone or video should find a quiet space and test their technology before joining the call. Candidates interviewing in person should be sure to dress professionally and come prepared with writing implements, prepared questions, and anything else they need.

Interviewing Tips

Arrive with Authenticity

We know the job search process can be stress inducing, but it’s so important that you bring your authentic self to all the interactions you have with Brooke. We are eager to get to know the real you and determine whether our school is the best fit for you and vice versa!

Reviewed the tips and ready to apply?