Happy 100th Birthday Senator Edward Brooke!

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Happy 100th Birthday Senator Edward Brooke!


October 26, 2019 would have been the 100th birthday of the late Senator Edward W. Brooke, the first African American popularly elected to the U.S. Senate. In celebration of that milestone, we compiled the above video because Brooke Charter Schools is so proud to carry forward the Senator’s name and legacy.

We hope to build on this video by compiling additional footage of individuals who knew the Senator and/or carry on his legacy in meaningful ways. If you would like to be a part of this video project, please contact Kate Wright Apfelbaum at kapfelbaum@ebrooke.org.

Want To Learn More About Senator Brooke?

Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association Senator Edward Brooke Tribute: MBLA created this video as part of  their efforts to present Senator Edward Brooke with the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award. The first 9 minutes is an especially good overview of his career, including interview footage with Senator Brooke and those who knew him well.

History Maker Videos: This series of interviews capture conversations with Senator Brooke later in his life. We especially appreciate the first video (My Advice To Young People), where we explains the context for his famous quote, “Your place is anywhere you want to make it.”

  1. My Advice to Young People
  2. My Legacy
  3. My Outlook on Race
  4. Asking Nixon to Resign
  5. Why Republican
  6. Running for the Senate Seat
  7. A Segregated Education

The Time Has Come: This video focuses on Black political power in the 1970s. The segment from 4:11 to 7:08 focuses on Senator Brooke and includes footage from when he was in office.