Welcoming New Families into our Community

Brooke Newsletter

April is when new families learn that their incoming kindergarteners have a spot in a Brooke classroom for next school year. 

Miriam White is the parent of Athena Roman (kindergarten) and Elyssia White (5th grade), both Brooke Mattapan scholars. Miriam works at the Mildred Avenue, a public K-8 school, in Boston. In order to welcome our newest families, she shared with us why she is a proud Brooke parent.

Why did you choose to send your scholar to Brooke?

Having my girls at Brooke has been incredible. I have strong relationships with their teachers and the school has a sense of community. The teachers are welcoming and warm so I know my kids are in a great place. As an educator myself, I know how important it is to set boundaries while also being welcoming, and at Brooke, my daughters get all of that. There is a structure, especially for my kinder daughter. She looks forward to her routines everyday because they are framed in a positive way. Everyday, I know Athena is safe and she is secure.

What can incoming families expect from our school community?

Incoming families can expect great communication with teachers and strong family engagement. The amount of family engagement and communication within the Brooke community is really special. It definitely defines Brooke. Families should know that Brooke will always involve you in your child’s education. From the academics, to the events, and the social learning, teachers always involve families. That way, you feel close to the school even if you’re not inside of the school.

What has surprised you the most about your child’s Kindergarten experience?

Athena’s level of confidence has grown so much from the minute she arrived at Brooke. When she started kindergarten, she was shy and she limited herself. All of the confidence her teachers have instilled, the positive affirmations; everything has helped her grow emotionally and independently. She knows she can do it, and when she can’t, her teacher gives her the time she needs to reset. She is learning to become more aware of her emotions and her peers. Her reading growth is amazing and she is excited by her own learning.

How does our school support your child and family in their growth?

The teachers have supported myself and Athena in her progression through kindergarten. Ms. Crowe gives me ideas on what I can do at home and she sends extra work home so I can practice with her. Our family has had tough times, especially during COVID, but the teachers and staff at Brooke are always helping us. They know that sometimes it’s okay to not get things done immediately and having their support has meant so much to our family.

Do you have any advice for any incoming families or new to Brooke families?

I encourage new families to go in with a positive mindset. Get to know your child’s teacher, open up to your child’s teacher, share with the teacher, and let the teacher share with you. The best way you can help your child be successful is by developing that sense of trust.