The Results Are In!

Brooke Newsletter

We’re proud of our recently released 2019 MCAS assessment results, as our teachers’ and scholars’ achievements earned Brooke Charter Schools the designation from the state as a school of recognition for high achievement and exceeding targets!

Brooke Charter Schools students and teachers see great results on the 2019 MCAS exams in grades 3-8.

The recent MCAS results show that Brooke is the best open-enrollment school in Boston based on exceptional achievement in grades 3-8 in English Language Arts (ELA), science, and math (we’re also top 20 in the state for math!). Based on student growth percentile, Brooke was top 10 in the state in both ELA and math growth for grades 3-8.

Brooke Roslindale, Brooke Mattapan, and Brooke East Boston’s sixth and seventh grade scholars outperform most schools across the state.

We are especially proud of our sixth and seventh grade teams because:

  • Brooke seventh grade scholars placed top five in the state on both the math and ELA MCAS
  • Brooke sixth grade scholars placed top ten in the state on the math and top twenty in ELA MCAS
  • Student growth percentiles placed Brooke six and seventh grade scholars in the top three in the state for growth

Brooke High School has exciting early results, as we prepare to graduate our first seniors this year.

Assessment data continue to show Brooke High scholars are outperforming their peers in Boston. Based on MCAS results, Brooke High School tied with Boston Collegiate Charter School as the best open enrollment high school in Boston. Additional highlights include:

  • More Black and Latinx students scored a 3 or above on the AP Computer Science Principles exam at Brooke than in all of Boston Public Schools last year
  • 100% of Brooke High scholars who took the Advanced Placement Spanish exam earned a passing score

Want to see what is working at Brooke?

At you can find the curriculum materials and videos of lessons, which demonstrate the great teaching that is the foundation for our scholars’ achievements last year.