School Year 2021-2022

Teacher Recruitment and Retention

A great deal of research demonstrates the positive effects on the academic achievement and life outcomes of Black and Latinx students when they have the opportunity to be taught by Black and Latinx teachers.

Given that our students overwhelmingly identify as Black and Latinx, recruiting and retaining great Black and Latinx teachers is essential to fulfilling our mission to provide our kids with the high-quality education they deserve. As an organization, we have invested significant resources towards this work.

Over the past five years, the proportion of staff of color at Brooke increased from 18% to 55%, and the proportion of Black, Latinx, and multiracial staff increased from 14% to 52%.

FY22 Recruitment and Retention Report

We are encouraged by this progress, and we are also clear that we have more work to do. We believe that if we continue to focus on the initiatives described in our recruitment report, we can reach our goal to have two-thirds or more of Brooke’s staff identify as people of color.

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Looking Ahead

Building a Strong Pipeline

Referrals from staff and community members are the largest source of great teachers and staff members generally, and specifically for Black and Latinx candidates. In an effort to strengthen this pipeline, we financially reward successful referrals! We offer $500 per successful candidate referral. You do not need to be affiliated with Brooke to benefit from this referral program, but the candidate must include your name in their application.

The full list of opportunities is available here on our website. We are currently hiring for two leadership positions that will play critical roles in continuing this important work: Chief People Officer and Director of Recruitment. We hope you will share this information with any friends in your network who would like to join our team.