Class of 2023 Student Leadership, Tyejha and Tanisha

Brooke Newsletter

In June of this year, we witnessed the Class of 2023 conclude their journey at Brooke, and it was truly inspiring to see many of them emerge as remarkable leaders. At Brooke, select high school students have the opportunity to be part of our Student Hiring Committee, a panel of students responsible for interviewing potential new teachers.  

We had the privilege of interviewing two outstanding Class of 2023 student leaders, Tyejha Wright and Tanisha Soto. Our conversation revolved around their various involvements, with a particular focus on their participation in the Student Hiring Committee.

What inspired the both of you to be a part of the hiring committee?

Tyejha: The opportunity to have a say in what teachers are coming into Brooke High School inspired me. I wanted to make sure that we are setting Brooke up to be surrounded by teachers that care about us, and are educating us correctly. 

Tanisha: I agree with that! I also thought it was really cool. It was not only a resume booster to be able to interview people, but a great way to have a leadership position. 

When you are in these panels, what are you looking for in a candidate?

Tyejha: The way their energy is. If they come off a little too nervous, I am hesitant. When they are confident, I feed off their energy as the interview goes on.

Tanisha: For me, it is how they talk about teaching. For example, I love to ask, “How do you keep students motivated?” and, “How do you work with different groups of students?” I want to hear if they are really dedicated to teaching, regardless of the student. 

What has been a highlight of being part of this committee?

Tyejha: Hearing my peers say, “I really like this teacher,” knowing I was part of the process in hiring that teacher feels great. 

Tanisha: I get happy when I see people that we are interviewed get hired. Like, we did that! We were a part of that. 

How has being in this committee improved your leadership skills? 

Tanisha: Before I joined the hiring committee, I was a quiet person. Since then, I have had a bigger speaking role in my community. This committee played a part in pivoting my confidence, and I feel like I’m leaving my mark with it. 

Tyejha: I agree! I gained more confidence, and you do feel like you’re leaving a bit of you because you are influencing who is teaching our community. 

What is the most valuable thing you have taken away from your friendship?

Tanisha: Motivating each other. Tyejha will always tell me “just do it!” He gives me the push I need, which helped me branch out in high school. 

Tyejha: I am strong-headed, and whenever I think I have a good idea, Tanisha will push me to think differently. Tanisha has taught me to value the ability to compromise.

What would you say to other students about the benefits of getting involved?

Tanisha: Join new things! If you are interested in something, do it. I have the most fun after school with my involvements. 

Tyejha: Diversify yourself into the school community when you are getting involved. It will help you gain a stronger circle with people who can help you get through hardships. 

Was there anyone at Brooke that was influential in getting you involved?

Tyejha: Ms. Cabrera pushed me to join nature class, and Ms. Penagos and Ms. Alejandro helped me join Hispanic Honor Society.  They were the ones that inspired me to be a part of the school community. 

Tanisha: I would say Mr. Rudnicki. He advertised robotics and I had an inkling to try it, and I stayed all four years. I owe him a lot of gratitude for that. I agree with Tyejha about Ms. Alejandro and Ms. Penagos as well. They pushed us to be officers for HHS and that stemmed my leadership skills. 

What are you taking with you from Brooke and all your experiences after graduating? 

Tanisha: Brooke taught me to go out and get it. If you want it, you have to go do something. They have taught and prepped us to be ambitious, which will be great for college. It really sets you up. 

Tyejha: Self-advocacy. Speaking out and making sure what you want is being heard. Being a go-getter – closed mouths don’t get fed. Go out there, find opportunities, network with people. 

Tyejha Wright will be attending Morehouse College in Fall 2023 to study Mathematics, and Tanisha Soto will be attending Boston University on a Pre-Med Track, studying molecular biology. We are proud, and excited to send them off into the world!