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Because of current health and safety risks posed by COVID-19, Brooke will begin the year with a remote learning model for all grades, except for a small number of students who require in-person support. The first day of school is Tuesday, September 8th.

Remote Learning Plan for Fall 2020

As we considered how to keep our community safe, while providing for the best education for our students, Brooke relied heavily on guidance from the Center For Disease Control, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Feedback from teachers and families helped us identify concerns about lack of access to rapid virus testing, a rise in nationwide COVID-19 cases, and challenges with staffing, all of which pointed to remote learning as the best option at this time.

View our Remote Learning Plan (also available in Spanish, Portuguese and Hatian-Creole).

After Piloting Learning from Home Last Spring

We've Learned A Lot About Quality Remote Teaching

More Structured Learning

This past spring, our remote instruction required all of us to be very flexible given that things were changing daily for staff, students and families. We now recognize, however, that EVERYONE needs increased structure and predictability in order to thrive in a remote learning context. As a result, across all K-12 grades, we will be crafting more consistent schedules and expectations for staff and students.

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More Live Classes

While we relied on many pre-recorded video lessons this past spring, beginning in the fall the majority of our learning will take place via strong, live remote lessons (sometimes called "synchronous lessons"). We will require attendance to live lessons and students will receive credit for participation in class toward their grades, just as they would during in-person school.

Sample Schedules

More Data-Informed Support

Whether its conferencing in kindergarten or office hours in high school, Brooke's model has always emphasized the importance of one-on-one support for students. While teachers reached out to students and families individually last spring, this year our regular one-on-one meetings with students and families will be informed by standards-based assessments, which will guide how we support students, just like it does when we are in-person together.

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More In-Person Services

In line with state requirements, Brooke will offer in-person learning to a limited number of students with significant and complex needs, which includes some but not all students with disabilities. Following safety protocols (including mask-wearing, hand-washing, and distancing), we will provide in-person support to students who meet this criteria and whose families elect for their children to attend school in-person. Students will receive instruction from special education teachers and English as a second language teachers.

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