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Brooke is committed to providing every student with the individual support they need to thrive in the classroom.

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Our Approach

We use an inclusion-based model with the goal of students spending as much time as possible in their general education classroom. Special education teachers and other service providers play a vital role in providing the additional supports that some of our students need to be academically successful.

  • Identify students in need of specific, targeted supports in the classroom
  • Design individualized, research-based interventions for students
  • Work with students in their classrooms or small group settings
  • Collaborate with general education teachers and families to ensure interventions are meeting the needs of scholars

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Meeting All Students' Needs

Spend a day in the life of a Brooke student support coordinator through an interview with Robin Tucker, a student support coordinator at Brooke Mattapan. She offers deeper insight into how student support at Brooke is unique.

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Valuing Our Teachers

Brooke values teachers as professionals. It is a place where teachers will find the meaningful support they need to meet high expectations in the classroom and the personal connections to feel like an appreciated member of a team.

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