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In Young, Gifted and Black, Professor Theresa Perry defines a Culture of Achievement as, “A leveling culture, a culture of achievement that extends to all of its members and a strong sense of group membership, where the expectation that everyone achieve is explicit and is regularly communicated in public and group settings.”

Brooke's Building Blocks of

Cultures of Achievement

Teachers Challenge Every Student

We hold all students to high expectations because we believe all students can achieve at the highest level. At Brooke, great teachers build cultures of achievement in their classrooms through rigorous lessons where students tackle new problems independently and in class discussions. We both challenge students with content at or above grade level and support them to thrive.

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Students Identify as Achievers

When cultures of achievement permeate a school, students proudly identify as high achievers. At Brooke, it’s cool to be an achiever. Our scholars have a growth mindset: they know academic success is a result of hard work, they approach challenges as opportunities to learn, and they work as a team to help each other achieve.

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Schools Celebrate Success

At Brooke, we believe that cultures of achievement reflect a belief in hard work, refuse to praise or accept mediocrity, and only thrive when achievement is regularly and objectively measured. Our campuses each have unique, fun and meaningful ways to celebrate student excellence and improvement throughout the year during assemblies and community meetings.

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Join Our Team

Learn About our Culture of Achievement

Feb 13 5:30 PM

Mix & Mingle Recruiting Happy Hour

Bella Luna & The Milky Way | 284 Amory St., Boston MA

Hear from our teachers, staff and leaders about what makes working at Brooke different. The event will include:

  • An opportunity to learn about roles for 2020-2021
  • Optional guaranteed phone interview
  • Appetizers and a drink on us
  • Swag bags
  • A raffle for a $100 Visa gift card

We are Committed To

Creating Inclusive, Diverse School Cultures

We know that diverse teams work together to make better decisions that strengthen our Brooke community. We want our students and staff to strive to understand others’ perspectives and seek to walk in the shoes of others across lines of difference.

We believe great teachers of color uniquely contribute to our efforts to serve our students, uphold cultures of achievement, and strengthen staff culture.

Our value of diverse teams is backed by research pointing to the positive effects on educational outcomes for students of color when they have the opportunity to be taught by teachers of color.

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