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One of our primary goals at Brooke is to support our students to develop a life-long love of reading.

To foster their love of reading, we have to ensure students are

Learning How To Read

Science of Reading

Brooke has long employed an approach that leverages the Science of Reading, using research-based practices to teach students phonics so they can master decoding letters, sounds, and words. Coupled with rich texts that build content knowledge and vocabulary, our approach supports students to acquire reading fluency, so they can understand and enjoy texts early.

Independent Reading

Brooke teachers build independent reading routines into the school day. During this time, they encourage students to read complex, grade-level texts that build on the lessons taking place in the classroom. Teachers also use independent reading time to tutor students, recognizing that so much skill-building happens through individualized or small group instruction.

Writing Instruction

Students write daily about what they are reading in order to synthesize and deepen their understanding of the texts. A deeper knowledge of the text ensures they can produce clearer, more sophisticated writing at the sentence, paragraph, and essay level.

Representative Libraries

We believe classroom libraries should feature wonderful books that act as windows and mirrors for our students to see themselves and the world. More than 95% of our students are Black and Latinx, so our teachers ensure classrooms feature books that reflect and represent our students' identities.

Bringing Books To Life

Brooke celebrates reading in so many ways throughout the year, including awarding our most voracious readers, holding raucous (and competitive!) spelling bees, and having reading-themed dress up days. Who needs Disney World when your teacher comes to school dressed as your favorite storybook character?!

Once They're In Middle and High School, Our Students Show Signs Of

Becoming Lifelong Readers

If You Love to Read, Then You'll Really Love

Joining the Brooke Team

Student Support Openings

Brooke's student support team provides essential services for our multi-lingual and special education students. We are hiring for a number of these essential roles.

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High School Spanish Teacher

Brooke is seeking a Spanish teacher to join our excellent high school Spanish teaching team. Qualified candidates should have native Spanish speaking, writing, and reading abilities.

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Associate Teacher Program

Aspiring teachers can apply to our Brooke's Associate Teacher Program, a year-long high-quality teacher residency designed to diversify the teacher workforce.

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All Open Positions

Brooke is actively hiring for the 2024-2025 school year, including staff, teaching, and leadership positions across our four campuses in grades K-12. We hope you'll apply today!

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Brooke Campuses

Brooke Roslindale

Brooke Roslindale currently serves over 500 students in grades kindergarten through eight with the motto: engage together, grow together, achieve together.

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Brooke Mattapan

Brooke Mattapan currently serves over 500 students in grades kindergarten through eight with the motto: committed to achieving exceptional results for scholars.

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Brooke East Boston

Brooke East Boston currently serves over 500 students in grades kindergarten through eight with the motto: building a community of care.

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Brooke High School

Brooke High School was founded in 2016 and currently serves over 440 students in grades nine through twelve, providing them with an exceptional secondary education.

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