Student Support

Our universal design  for learning ensures every child receives individualized support, whether or not they are receiving student support services.

Because the needs of our students are varied

We Provide Many Student Support Services

Many elements distinguish

Student Support At Brooke

General Education Collaboration

Student support staff and general education teachers work together towards the success of all students in their classrooms. They meet frequently to individualize instruction for students who need it. They share a commitment to growth mindset and holding all students to high expectations. The collaboration between our student support and general education teachers is critical to supporting students' individual learning goals.

Family Partnership

Families are frequently updated on their student’s progress toward their individualized goals. Student support staff ensure that families have a voice in their child’s education. Brooke recognizes students are whole people, and our student support staff work with families as well as outside partners to ensure we have a unified approach to meeting students' needs.

Professional Development

Student support staff receive professional development specific to their area of expertise. Each staff member benefits from observation and instructional coaching throughout the school year. Our related services providers (e.g. school psychologists, occupational therapists) receive a $1,000 annually toward professional development in their field. This budget gives them opportunities to attend national conferences and/or receive mentoring from specialists outside of Brooke.

We Provide Invest in Teacher Compensation Through

Additional Stipends for Student Support Positions

Because many of our student support positions are hard to staff, licensed candidates can qualify for $3,300 to $7,700 in annual stipends in addition to our standard base salary. Visit our compensation page to learn more.

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Brooke is seeking special educators to fill a number of current student support staff openings!