Brooke Charter Schools is committed to building a culture of achievement, which encourages all students to identify as high achievers.

Our Recent Accomplishments Demonstrate That

A Culture of Achievement Supports Exceptional Results

What sets Brooke apart is the rigorous bar that they set for students. Brooke does a phenomenal job in ensuring that students are all able to reach this bar. There are resources available to students so that they get the supports needed to be successful. Being an achiever at Brooke is seen as 'cool'. We are always celebrating students who go above and beyond, not only academically, but in their character as well.

Marilyn Akinrinlola Sixth Grade Teacher, Brooke Mattapan

Cultures of achievement rely on a “leveling culture, a culture of achievement that extends to all of its members and a strong sense of group membership, where the expectation that everyone achieve is explicit and is regularly communicated in public and group settings.” (Theresa Perry, Young, Gifted, and Black, 2004).

Our Culture of Achievement

At Brooke, cultures of achievement hinge on a shared value on, belief in, and celebration of individually and collectively reaching objective and high academic performance goals. These cultures must permeate the school and encourage all students to proudly identify as high achievers. Cultures of achievement reflect a belief in hard work, refuses to praise or accept mediocrity, and only thrives when achievement is regularly and objectively measured.

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