Brooke Mattapan

150 American Legion Highway
Mattapan, MA 02124 Google Maps

Founded in 2011

Our Mattapan campus continues our commitment to achieving exceptional results for scholars.

We founded the Brooke Mattapan Campus one year after a legislative lift to the Massachusetts charter cap in 2010. Our vision for this school is the same vision that has led to excellent results at the original Brooke school: quality teaching in bigger doses. We currently serve over 480 students across grades kindergarten through seven.

Brooke Mattapan is a community of educators, scholars, and families who are all committed to high academic achievement. Our instruction is scholar-focused, urgent, rigorous, engaging, and inspires active participation in learning.

I am inspired daily by being a part of the Brooke Mattapan community because of the incredibly strong commitment each teacher has to becoming the best they can be. Everyone here believes that continuing to learn, grow, and improve is the best way to ensure we are giving 100% of our students the type of education they deserve.

Abby Waldman Principal, Brooke Mattapan

School Calendar

We will return to our usual schedule for the 2021-2022 school year. The first day of school at Brooke Mattapan will be August 11, 2021 for kindergarten and August 12, 2021 for grades 1 through 7.

School Calendar

Brooke Mattapan

Important Documents

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Other Important Documents

School Uniform Policy 2021-2022

Refer to the Student Handbook (above) for the following documents:

  • Bullying Prevention
  • Contract of Mutual Responsibilities
  • Title 1 School-wide Program
  • School Wellness Policy

For more information about school wellness policies, visit our Student Wellness Page.

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