Our compensation system is designed to reward excellence and encourage teachers to stay in the classroom long-term. Teachers are paid a salary of up to $120,000 per year, and over time can earn significantly more than they could in neighboring districts.

Associate Teacher Program

New to teaching? Apply for a job as a Brooke Associate Teacher, which is our full-time, paid teacher residency program that will prepare you to become a successful lead teacher in just one year. Our Associate Teacher Scholarship helps ensure competitive compensation for this exciting opportunity.

Why Brooke

Wondering what makes working at Brooke different? Read more to find out about our approach to great teaching, professional development, compensation, and more.

Master Teachers

Brooke’s compensation system is designed to recognize and reward great teachers who remain in the classroom. Our master teacher pathway targets our very best teachers with generous annual salary increases. Master teachers have achieved exceptional student results and peer leadership over the course of three years.