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This page is to assist you (Brooke Alumni and parents) as you journey through High School & College.


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OHSCS Mission Statement: The OHSCS ensures that every Brooke alumni successfully completes high school prepared with the skills and experiences necessary to graduate from a higher education institution. It is through strong relationships with students, families, partner schools, and community based organizations that the OHSCS is able to provide high quality High School Placement services, connect our alumni with summer opportunities and provide targeted academic and college counseling.

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Brooke’s Office of High School and College Success wants to know what you’re up to! What opportunities are you taking advantage of currently? What’s on your mind? How’s school going? Need help building a resume? Would you like to meet with your OHSCS advisor?

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Alumni Quotes:

“When I entered high school, I was stubborn and independent. I wanted to figure things out on my own. As a result, I wasn’t as successful academically as I could have been. I learned to participate in extra help sessions and speak up when I was struggling with an assignment. Communicating with my teachers and asking for help made a huge difference.“- A.J. Barros, Class of 2009, Belmont Hill School

” My biggest struggle in high school was balancing my social life with time to study and work. I overcame this struggle by staying after school with teachers on a regular basis.”– Tegla Nelson, Class of 2012, Cathedral High School

” The biggest struggle I faced was learning how to study for college exams, because you cover a lot of material in a short amount of time. I learned that the best way to study is to review my notes after every class.” -Natalya Faison, Class of 2006, EMK Health Careers Academy

” When entering high school it was difficult to stay focused. Without even noticing it,  I got distracted easily and wanted to be part of “cliques” or “groups”. I slacked in my classes because in high school there is more freedom. I learned that you have to take responsibility for your own actions. I realized that I had to stay focused and go to my classes, and if I didn’t it would affect my college choices.”– Kayla Delacruz- Abreu, Class of 2009, Boston Day and Evening Academy

” A struggle that I had in high school was making sure that I turned in all of my assignments on time. What helped me overcome this struggle was finishing the assignments as soon as I could and turning them in. As a result, I don’t have to worry about if my assignments are going to be late.” – Andree Allan, Class of 2010, Madison Park High School

“The biggest struggle I faced when entering high school was making friends. I was a very shy person so this was very hard for me. To overcome my struggle, I joined a lot of clubs and got to know the teachers because teachers can be the best friends that you have. Just don’t be afraid to talk to people, because they might be just as afraid as you are.” – Natasha Carter, Class of 2009, City on A Hill Charter School