Meet our Scholars

Hear from Brooke scholars about the excellent instruction that’s helping them achieve their dreams.

Students attend free of charge and are admitted through a random lottery system, in which any student entered has an equal shot of acceptance. Our scholars hail from across Boston, coming largely from Dorchester, Mattapan, Hyde Park, Roxbury, and Jamaica Plain. 91% of our scholars are Black and Latino and 73% qualify for free or reduced lunch. There are currently more than 4,000 Boston Public Schools individual families on our wait list.

Darrell, 2nd grade scholar, Brooke Roslindale

“What I like about Brooke is that the Brooke teachers and the Brooke principal are not going to let anything happen to us. They are here to make sure all Brooke students learn and grow their brain. The best thing about Brooke is that I get to see my brother everyday learning and growing. Brooke is a great school because they make sure that you grow your brain and work hard everyday. Brooke teachers make sure that you are having fun and learning at the same time.”

Mawusi, 5th grade scholar, Brooke Mattapan

“One thing I like about the staff and the teachers here at Brooke is that they are kind, respectful, and helpful. They make sure that the students are always, kind, respectful, and helpful! The teachers make sure that we follow all the core values and get learning done. They also make sure that we come up with our own ideas and they push us to share our thoughts out in class so we could get smarter and learn with not only our ideas, but with other student’s ideas. The teachers make sure that the students learn as much we can so that we can be on our way to college, prepare for the future, and accomplish our dreams.”

Ruby, 6th grade scholar, Brooke Roslindale

“I love Edward Brooke Charter School because I am always encouraged to persevere. I like the teachers because they never give up on the students. They ensure that you are prepared to face any challenge. Brooke is like my second home and I feel like part of a big family here. This is a great school for me because I’m learning all the significant skills required to be successful in the future.”

Terah, 8th grade scholar, Brooke East Boston

“I really enjoy going to Brooke because it has changed me into making me a better person and being more aware of my goals.  When I first came to Brooke I wasn’t really happy about some of the rules and some of the procedures. As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize that these rules and procedures have purposes. These rules and procedure makes Brooke one of the best schools. Even though you have to make some sacrifices it is totally worth it in the long run because when no one is watching after you later on in life as an adult, you will remember what you were taught and push harder to achieve your goals. Personally because of Brooke I believe that I can be whatever I want to be as long as I work hard and stay focused.”