Brooke teams with families to make sure every single scholar goes to college.

All families with students in Brooke Charter Schools commit to our Contract of Mutual Responsibilities. By signing the contract, both the school and family define and accept our responsibilities as partners in closing the achievement gap.

  • Parents agree to monitor their child’s homework and grades carefully, to communicate regularly with the school and teachers, to attend required conferences with their child’s teachers, and to support the school as it enforces its code of conduct.
  • Scholars agree to model the school’s core values: to focus, to have integrity, to show respect, to believe in and act on self-determination, and to display teamwork.
  • Brooke Charter Schools agrees to create a safe and orderly learning environment, communicate regularly with parents (through weekly progress reports, report cards, conferences, and supplemental email and telephone communication), to focus relentlessly on scholar achievement, and to hold ourselves accountable for excellent results.
  • Parent Involvement at Brooke