Master Teacher Track

The master teacher track is specifically designed to recognize top performers and celebrate them as teacher leaders.

By focusing on constant professional development, we are able to retain our top performing teachers, who in other school settings would plateau. On year-end staff surveys, between 95% and 100% of our teachers have indicated that they agree or strongly agree that teaching at Brooke “has made me a better teacher,” and we find that our highest performing teachers are just as positive about their constant improvement as our newer teachers are.

We hope that our top teachers will never hit a ceiling here, and we have created clear pathways to emphasize that commitment to developing and retaining our top talent.

Teachers qualify as masters only if they attain three years of exceptionally high achievement results and if they consistently demonstrate an ability to collaborate well, as defined by our teaching standards. Master teachers receive a 10% raise annually and also bear additional responsibilities for mentoring and planning and executing professional development.


Emily Christman, Master Teacher since 2013
Kindergarten teacher, Brooke Roslindale

EmilyParet“One of my favorite things about teaching at Brooke is the opportunity to work with such talented, dedicated teachers who are excited about supporting each other. It is because of this collaborative environment that I really learn something new every day. The success that my students and their families have seen is the result of the many mentors that have helped me grow. I am honored and excited about the opportunity to be a Master Teacher. I hope that in this role I can give to others what so many have given to me — feedback that has improved my teaching, new ideas and resources. I love teaching, and beyond that I love talking about teaching, learning more about teaching, watching great teaching, meeting students and helping them succeed. This leadership role paves the way so that I can immerse myself in all of this!”