Understand Great Teaching

We bring together research and experience to understand what effective instruction looks like.

We are disciplined about using research, reflection, and real-time data to understand what great teaching looks like in the classroom. We scour the latest research to ensure that we are up-to-date on what is proven to work for under-served students. We take time – once a week and at the beginning and close of every school year – to reflect as a professional community on how we can improve as educators. And we are rigorous in our use of data to understand if we are closing the achievement gap for all our scholars.

Our vision of great teaching is captured in our set of teaching standards. We continually refine these standards to ensure that they fully capture our vision of excellent teaching. The Brooke standards address classroom culture, planning and delivery of instruction, the ability to achieve success for all scholars, and collaboration, commitment to growth, and professionalism.

Great teachers are accountable for moving their students along the path to mastery.  All Brooke scholars are expected to meet rigorous learning standards in four areas:English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Teachers of all grade levels use these standards to ensure that their scholars are progressing towards success in high school, college, and in serving as community leaders.