Support Great Teaching

We’ve built an organization focused on one goal — supporting the kind of teaching that closes the achievement gap.

We’ve designed our school around those conditions proven to support great teaching. Every decision we make – about our academic model, school operations, and leadership team – is based on our guiding belief that great teaching can close the achievement gap.

We encourage great teaching through:

  • Strong data systems: We use real-time data to understand exactly what each scholar knows and does not know. Armed with that data, teachers can make ongoing improvements to their lesson plans, targeting the individual needs of their specific scholars. When a teacher sees that some scholars failed to fully grasp yesterday’s fractions lesson, he knows what he needs to re-teach to the whole class, which scholars need one-on-one remediation, and which scholars can be called upon to help their peers reach mastery.
  • High behavioral expectations: Our scholars understand that we will allow nothing to interfere with their learning. Just as we expect excellent academic outcomes from every single scholar in our school, we also expect excellent behavior. When scholars do veer off track, they are guided back through our “warm/strict” approach to behavior management.
  • Extended learning time: Our scholars benefit from 30% more learning hours a year than their peers in Boston Public Schools. With an extended school day and year, Brooke scholars have more time in the classroom to master the academic skills and character development needed to excel in high school, college and in future leadership positions.
  • Results-focused school leadership: The Brooke leadership team knows that great teachers can achieve great results. They trust their teachers to make the right decisions for their scholars, granting them the flexibility to design the lesson plans and curricula that will work best in their classrooms. They couple that autonomy with wrap-around supports for teachers: ongoing feedback, frequent observations, teacher video analysis, teacher-centered professional development, and dedicated teacher collaboration time.
  • Master Teacher track for exceptional teachers: By focusing on constant professional development, we are able to retain our top performing teachers, who in other school settings would plateau. We hope that our top teachers will never hit a ceiling here, and we have created clear pathways to emphasize that commitment to developing and retaining our top talent. The master teacher track is specifically designed to recognize top performers and celebrate them as teacher leaders.