Meet Our Teachers

Learn about Brooke from the talented educators who are closing the achievement gap.  Meet our 2017-2018 staff  

Jon’s Cardoso, Third Grade Teacher

B.S., Lesley University; M.Ed., Lesley University. Ms. Cardoso has taught at Brooke Roslindale for well over a decade and is currently a Third Grade Teacher. Prior to working at Brooke, she worked for three years as a second grade teacher at Shakespeare Elementary School in New York City. Ms. Cardoso was a 2001 Teach for America corps member. “As a veteran teacher I am still being pushed to grow and refine my teaching and to improve as a teacher and as a leader. Many of the weekly PD sessions and observations create a platform for me to challenge myself to do things differently or try new ideas or ways of approaching a problem.”

Desiree Harvey,  Fourth Grade Teacher

B.A., Emory University. Ms. Harvey is a Fourth Grade Teacher at Brooke Roslindale.  During her time at Emory University, Ms. Harvey completed a year of service with the AmeriCorps program Jumpstart. In addition, Ms. Harvey worked for two years as a teaching fellow with Breakthrough Collaborative at the Breakthrough Miami site, and then completed Brooke’s Associate Teacher Program.  “Brooke has most supported my growth as an educator through consistent observations and feedback. I am encouraged to be critical of myself and given critical feedback but also celebrated for the things I am doing well. I remain motivated to embrace challenges because I know that I have a strong leadership team supporting me.”

Jayson Joyce,  Fifth Grade Teacher

B.A., Boston College. Mr. Joyce is a Fifth Grade Teacher and received a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, studying Spanish and Arabic. After graduation, he worked as a field organizer in New Hampshire on President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign and the Youth Director on Ed Markey’s Senate campaign. For two years, Mr. Joyce also taught upper elementary at a charter school on the South Side of Chicago. “Great teaching is 100% relational. If kids trust that I know them and love them, we can make extraordinary growth together.”