Brooke teachers and students are closing the achievement gap.

Brooke scholars have set a new bar for what is possible at an urban public school. For the last three years all Brooke campuses have been in the top ten highest performing K-8 schools on standardized tests in Math and ELA combined. These results represent the extraordinary hard work of our scholars and their teachers, and we could not be more proud of both. 

An analysis of Brooke students’ 2016 PARCC performance reveals that:

  • Brooke East Boston was the highest performing district in Math in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • For a second year in a row more African-American Students at Brooke scored at the highest level of the math PARCC than their counterparts in the entire Boston Public School system. 108 African-American students at Brooke’s three schools scored a 5 on the math PARCC test, compared to just 94 in the entire Boston Public School system.
  • For a second year in a row students with special needs at Brooke out-performed the Boston Public Schools average for all students in both Math and English Language Arts.

Click here to view Brooke Charter School’s PARCC 2016 highlights.

High School Graduation: After eighth grade, Brooke alumni have gone on to attend over 40 independent, Catholic, public exam, public charter, and public district high schools in greater Boston; 86% of 8th graders in the class of 2015 were accepted to one or more selective admission secondary school. With a strong K-8 foundation of college preparatory content and skill development, Brooke alumni complete high school at a rate (98%) more than double that of their Boston Public School peers (46%)! 

We are excited to share that in August 2016, Brooke High opened with our founding class of scholars. As many of you know, launching Brooke High has been a long-time goal for the organization. In fact, we believe it is one of the most important things we can do to ensure that our students are best prepared to enter and succeed in college. 

College Enrollment and Success: Similar to their outstanding high school graduation rates, Brooke alumni enroll in and graduate from college more than double or triple the rate of their BPS peers.  Brooke’s first class of alumni (8th grade, class of 2006) have begun to graduate from four-year colleges and universities and will be six years from high school graduation in May 2016. We are confident that at least 40% of Brooke Roslindale’s first class of alumni will earn a four-year degree by this milestone.  While we are incredibly proud of our alumni and their strong college persistence rates, we know we can and must do better to ensure all Brooke alumni have the post-secondary education and skills necessary for long-term professional and personal success.  With the opening of Brooke High in August 2016, we will be able to support Brooke students in reaching the door-step of college and ultimately increasing the college graduation rates of our scholars.

*Sources: A) Getting Closer to the Finish Line, The Boston Foundation, 2013, B) MA DESE, Boston Public Schools, Class of 2006