Instructional Resources Overview

Brooke’s Elements of Effective Instruction

At Brooke, we believe that great teaching is the key to closing the achievement gap.  But great teaching is hard, so it is essential that we define what it looks like.  We have articulated our vision of effective reading comprehension, math, writing, science, and computer science instruction in documents called “Elements of Effective Instruction.” The videos in this series are our attempt to provide illustrations of what we mean by these elements.  These are real lessons with real kids; they haven’t practiced these lessons before and they aren’t special lessons designed to impress others – they are just the lessons that were happening on the day that we brought a camera crew to that campus.  We hope you find these examples helpful, and please feel free to visit Brooke sometime to see this instruction in action.


Brooke’s Curriculum Materials

At Brooke Charter Schools, we empower our teacher teams to create their own units, lesson plans and pedagogical approaches – and now we want to share their plans with our colleagues at other schools. We have created this webpage to share unit plans and other resources that specifically highlight how Brooke teachers approach specific teaching standards and entire units of study. Enjoy!