Meet Our Teachers

Learn about Brooke from the talented educators who are closing the achievement gap.

Meet our 2016-2017 staff  

Matt Shaver, 5th Grade  Teacher at Brooke Mattapan

MattShaver2 Hometown: Minneapolis, MN Education: Concordia College, B.A. Grades taught: Associate Teacher Corps, 5th Grade Math/Science Teacher “I chose to work at Brooke because I wanted to work for a school that shared my mission to give all children an outstanding and transformative education. I applied to be part of the Associate Teaching Program after earning a degree in elementary education but still believing I was not ready to be the kind of teacher my students deserved. My year as an AT prepared me so much to begin my first year of teaching because I had constant feedback from incredible educators that I am lucky to call colleagues. I was also given the time and space to make mistakes and implement feedback to fix them. Even now, as a classroom teacher I am still getting tons of helpful feedback from my teammates who take the time out of their busy day to help me give my students an excellent education. We all really do share a common goal at Brooke and it’s to close the Achievement Gap by becoming the best teachers that we can be and I know that all of my fellow teachers are working just as hard as I am to make it happen.

Abby Waldman, Principal at Brooke Mattapan

Abby Hometown: Hamilton, NY Education: Brandeis University, B.A.; University of Nevada, Las Vegas, M.Ed. Grades taught: 2,3,4 “I love that teachers at Brooke are completely trusted to make the decisions required for our students to succeed. We have control over the curriculum, meaning we give input on the standards we teach and have the ability to change things immediately if they’re not working. All of the professional development is driven by what teachers want to focus on in order to improve student achievement. The time devoted to collaboration with other teachers and administrators gives us the opportunity to develop into excellent instructors. Working here has shown me that when teachers are developed as classroom leaders and treated like knowledgeable professionals, we can achieve incredible results.”